The woman who turned her husband into a dog……………..

‘Let’s get a dog,’ she suggested to her husband, one day.

‘Absolutely, not.’

‘Just a small one, short hair, maybe brown and white, bright eyes. It would a great way to get out and exercise more.’

The woman who .....

‘No, it wouldn’t work, not with my skin condition’

‘We could look at breeds that don’t affect your skin’ – she said, but she could see the resistance in his eyes.

‘No and that is my final word,’ he asserted.

Hmmm,  she thought and Hmmm again. She kept this up for quite some time until one day…

‘Woof,’ – barked the bright-eyed, brown and white dog, as it scratched at it’s ear.

‘How lovely,’ she sighed, ‘I’ll call you, Terry.’